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Decisive Advocates is an independently owned company that has been established to help providers with credentialing, insurance reimbursement negotiation, office management and CPR certification. We’ve formed the business specifically to open up lines of communication between the provider and the office staff and the provider and network insurance companies. 

Eliminate the office work load with our owner and associate credentialing.  Focus on your clients instead. Decisive advocates will monitor and document insurance credentialing approval and credential multiple offices or multiple specialty doctors within your business.

We offer assistance with insurance credentialing in:

•Medicare/ Medicaid (based on location)

•Discount plans and

•PPO plans.

After deciding insurance networks, make sure you are being compensated for your experience, specialty and location. Decisive Advocates can assist with insurance negotiation for PPO plans. You deserve a consistent revenue stream based on your experience, specialty and location.

Many providers have witnessed a patient or employee in a life threatening event like cardiac arrest. Have peace of mind knowing that your office can react accordingly to emergency situations. Decisive advocates can teach your office CPR procedures to obtain a BLS CPR certification or renewals. We have a licensed BLS instructor to meet your needs.

*Need help marketing your business? let us know and we can be your advocate to get the job done no matter what industry!


Thank you for contacting Decisive Advocates for our AHA BLS CPR training program. Our Basic Life Support training class is designed for healthcare professionals and first-responders. We deliver information and skills training on:

•              CPR/AED for adults, children and Infants

•              The emergency medical service system

•              Precautions

•              Obstructed airways

•              Scene safety & assessment

This BLS CPR training course is a one-day; four-hour class with a class assessment. After passing the assessment you can receive an electronic BLS CPR certification ID.

The class dates are based on registration, most likely on Thurs. eve or Sat. mornings. You can register by calling 800-605-5074. We accept all major credit cards. We look forward to seeing you in class.



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