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           Bluestone Heights explores the nature and history of Northeast Ohio places.
               Bluestone Heights advocates for the landforms and waters upon which Northeast Ohioans live. 
               In knowing local places and times, we may forge a rich, place-sensitive future.

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Bluestone Heights blog for nature and history of Northeast Ohio places

Bluestone Heights webpage for user friendly Google Earth mapping tools 

Bluestone Heights display, Shore Cultural Centre front corridor 

Bluestone Heights events:

        Moss Point bicycle tour: nature and history up close

        Sun, August 14, 6:00– 8:30 PM, Euclid Hospital Health Center, 18901 LSB, Euclid Parks&Rec Passport to Euclid event


        South Euclid natural history

        An October date to be announced, Phoenix Coffee House, 4441 Mayfield Road, City of S. Euclid/Cleveland Memory event

        The Euclid Creek Estuary: Nature, History, Ursuline Sisters, Lacustrine Refuge

        Thursday, October 20, 7:00-9:00 PM, Euclid Public Library, 685 E. 222nd Street

        Bluestone Heights and the greater Bluestone Brooks. The dark blue area roughly represents the bluestone patch. 

        Bluestone Heights takes its name from the land atop the Euclid bluestone, a unique area on Cleveland's East Side Heights. From above, the Heights is a roughly circular or pear-shaped highland bordered by the Chagrin Valley on the east, Tinkers Creek on the south, the Cuyahoga Valley on the west and the Portage Escarpment (the hill above Euclid Ave) on the north.

        Unique to the highland is a patch of sandy sea bottom laid down 360 million years ago. Eventually, the patch hardened to form a bluish-gray sandstone. This Euclid bluestone became the highland's foundation as our part of North America lifted from the sea. The patch helped keep the East Side Heights area intact while glacial ice and water cut into and removed the surrounding soft shale. The result is a mild highland with steep flanks down to major rivers and lake plain.

        Bluestone Heights is a unique terrain area in Northeast Ohio's place between Appalachian Highlands and Central Lowlands.

        Bluestone Brooks At the Bluestone Heights geographic center, Lyman Circle (Shaker Heights) is the singular source point for six greater bluestone brooks: Doan Brook, Dugway Brook, Nine Mile Creek, Euclid Creek, Pepper Creek, and Mill Creek. Most of the greater brooks have watershed advocacy groups. Bluestone Heights advocates for the landform upon which these loved streams nestle. By integrating watersheds with their highlands, we can have a more balanced view of the environment and a real place-based concept for building the future.

        Under the Bluestone Heights, the Euclid bluestone provides the foundation and a periphery of steep flanks or escarpments. Just above, the Berea Sandstone presents a smaller hard-rock cap. At the top of the heights, the Sharon Formation forms a third cap rock. Bluestone and Berea rock outcrops make for picturesque waterfalls on all the bluestone brooks.  

        While Berea and Sharon sandstone cap rocks are found in surrounding areas, the Euclid bluestone is unique to the East Side Heights. The foundation makes Bluestone Heights a distinct landform. Bluestone outcrops provide a number of special landscapes and floral microenvironments. 

        Lesser bluestone brooks (those not reaching to Lyman Circle) include Kingsbury Run, Giddings Brook, Cedar Brook, Shaw Brook, Buttermilk Creek, Sherman Creek, Bear’s Gully, Willey Creek, Sulfur Springs, Hawthorne Creek, and Bear Creek. 
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