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Photo Gallery - Classes & Workshops

We have included some pictures of sand paintings, classes, workshops, and other settings!
16 photo(s) Updated on: 17 Sep 2011
  • Sand Mandala Painting, of a Kneeling Woman, playing her Golden Flute
  • Sand Mandala Painting, of a Happy, Black and White, Spaniel Dog!
  • Sand Mandala Painting of Little People Running!
  • A Blue Angel's Face with White Fluffy Wings...
  • Outdoor Presentation
  • Sunshine and Blue Sky
  • Nature and Jewelry!
  • Necklaces Hanging Up
  • Pretty Beads!
  • An Artist Presenting at Artisans' Treasure!
  • Jewelry Designing Session with a Glamorous Princess!
  • Jewelry Class at Artisans' Treasure!
  • Monika K Moss, Cleveland's own. Book signing event at Artisan's Treasure.
  • Audience listens to Coffee presentation at Artisans' Treasure.
  • Healthy foods presentation at Artisans' Treasure.
  • Jewelry Class for Sankofa event.
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