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Non-traditional sand mandalas can be used for team-building with groups, as well as, Healing Through the Creative Arts, individual sessions. It is also available in a party format.

The images are made by sprinkling brightly colored sand, to create panoramic paintings in minutes. It is a free flowing method. The sand is allowed to drop onto a white surface undisturbed. The images are then discovered and identified, through each participant's interpretation of the art.

The Sand Mandalas pictured below, were created by the free flow method.

                           Large Orange Horse                                                  Group Creating the Orange Horse

                    Large knelling woman holding                                            Skinny Lady with Stylized Stroller
                               an instrument                                                             

            Stylized Horses with Bridles Facing Right                                  Dancers with Long Dresses and Scarves

Traditional Sand Mandalas
are generally created by highly revered monks and others, over a period days. The grains of sand are carefully placed to create the images.  They have become more familiar in recent years, as the monks travel, and share their practice with others. People from many other cultures make different forms of sacred mandalas, such as paintings.

It is traditional to destroy the image that has been created, and the sand is then put into a special place, such as a river. The process may be accompanied by ceremony and music. It is considered a sacred practice.

Monastery Monks in India

Namgyal monks creating a Sand Mandala


Namgyal monks creating a sand mandala in a Cleveland Ohio museum

                                                                    monk just beginning a mandala
A monk putting grains of sand into place.

Please enjoy  a visit the web site, to learn more about Traditional Tibetan Sand Mandalas

Click on the links below to see short films of the making of other Sand Mandalas   "The Life and Death of a Sand Mandala"    Filmed April 10th 2007, at a Buddhist shrine in Chichester, this video tells the story of a sand painting born only the day before.
   " Creation of a Sand Mandala" With Music from singing bowls
                Step by step filming over time

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